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  • Parrot and the Prince

    Parrot and the Prince

    The Prince: Shuddho was barely 14 when his father left their palace for solitude, the tender sweet boy somehow managed to retain the innocent twinkle in his bright dreamy eyes, despite the agony of losing a doting father. The boy grew up around his grief-stricken mother and a younger sister, only to see the hardships […]

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  • TRUST…


    i always tell myself, it is at the end a game of trust, faith and belief. “They loved each other (or so they thought, after all who really knows what love is ,is it even something that can be understood or known?),what they understood of love was that it is the ability to stick together […]

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  • DISAGREEMENTS and choosing your battles…

    DISAGREEMENTS and choosing your battles…

    A WhatsApp group I am a part of and a conversation with a good friend of mine prompted me to pen this down, We are always told, that the key to any healthy relationship is comfortable communication, it is easy to communicate when you are expressing love and appreciation, but how many of us are […]

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  • The Art of letting Go

    The Art of letting Go

    ‘vo jo khwab sa kya kahein ki jaane den,ye jo hai kamse kam ye rahe ke jaane den…’ Well …all the experiences, people, situations, patients that i come across on daily hourly minutely basis ,make me feel like life is screaming at me telling me, there is just one thing that can be done…letting it […]

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