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Peace of mind

He asked me for some peace of mind.

I decided to give ,a piece of mine.

I do not ever mean to preach .

Because I am nobody to do so

Because I am still growing,

My roots going deep in the ground.

I gave him a fruit ,of the many I bore

A fruit that was fresh,

fresh of all my lonely musings.

Of my turmoil, my churnings,my travels ,my adventures.

I hereby share With my recipe of joy

Because for me it was always freedom that I yearned.

Freedom from attachment,

Freedom from joy,

Freedom from love,

Freedom to love

Freedom to not.

Freedom of thought

I found my secret one fine night,

The night I was tired.

Tired of it all

The night I had no way ,but to give it all up,

To let it all go.

The night I realised ,there is no point pondering,

Pondering on things which were beyond my control.

The night I accepted my limitations.

The night I stopped judging myself.

The night I forgave.

Because there was no point of holding dry moving sand in my hand.

I rather have ,moist moving clouds in my heart today.

Moving clouds which shower and water my roots .

Moving clouds which travel far beyond my roots .

Moving clouds that give freedom to my unbound spirit.

Thus ,with that I gave him a piece of mine.

A piece of my mind.

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