Well a webinar on self actualisation and maslow motivated me to write this…particularly a sentence,many times we have to take bold steps in order to realise and do justice to our potential,which might lead to anxiety symptoms,this is what i am talking about in my first page

next will be writing a little about self actualization.

Maslow discussed self-actualization by stating, “What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualization” (Maslow, 1943).

Recognise and cherish the Peak moments..

Self-actualization has also been described as:

The psychological process aimed at maximizing the use of a person’s abilities and resources. This process may vary from one person to another (Couture et al., 2007).

In other words, self-actualization can generally be thought of as the full realization of one’s creative, intellectual, and social potential through internal drive (versus for external rewards like money, status, or power ,can be equated to locus of control).

Since self-actualization is based on leveraging one’s abilities to reach their potential, it is a very individual process and will probably vary significantly from person to person. This focus on individual motivations is a key part of Maslow’s work, and what he felt differentiated it from the contemporary motivational psychology.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Hierarchy of needs…

Maslow first outlined his hierarchy of needs in his seminal 1943 paper on human motivation. He identified five needs:

  • Physiological
  • Safety
  • Love
  • Esteem
  • Self-actualization

“[a] musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately happy” (Maslow, 1943).

Self-Actualization and Positive Psychology

travel solo…

The concept of self-actualization ties into positive psychology through its connection with well-being; as you might imagine, those who are considered self-actualized are also generally high in well-being.

According to Bernard et al. (2010), the work of another renowned humanistic psychologist, Albert Ellis, indicated that “self-actualization involves the pursuit of excellence and enjoyment; whichever people choose to desire and emphasize.”

This focus on excellence and enjoyment as a symptom of the realization of potential explains the link between self-actualization and well-being; if reaching your full potential is enjoyable and fulfilling, it logically follows that well-being will also be positively affected.

Take home message

Once we realize that self-actualization is not about making the most money or achieving the highest status, that it is a desirable state achieved through reaching one’s full personal potential, we open the door of possibility in our own lives.

Self-actualization is about achieving your dreams, which means that it is within your grasp–whether that means becoming a painter, a politician, a philosopher, a teacher, or anything else that sparks your passion.

 I hope this made sense,thank you for reading and all the best on your journey to actualization

Feedback is always welcome

one of the self actualisers maslow studied…Einstein…

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