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  • Truth

    Who is this I that is wondering, Constantly churning in its own wandering Who is this I that is looking for words Troubled by its own narrative Who is this I that is cooking stories Who is this I that feels wobbly… Shaken in its own turmoil… Or am I the one watching all this […]

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  • aloo matar!!! — aloo matar travel stories

    why aloo matar?? well because we being together since college times, have a very long history but to cut it short, I was called aloo(the Hindi vernacular name for potatoes) by my friends with a lot of love they said and I trusted them(ignoring the hidden body shaming ?? maybe). and my husband was […] via […]

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  • Personality testing ,instead of ‘kundali’ matching ,may be??

    Being in the field of mental health, coming in contact with almost 50 people on an average in a day makes me realize the extent of dissatisfaction and frustration in modern relationships. Here I am talking about marital relationships specifically, We very commonly encounter people on the verge of separation, divorce or in case of […]

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  • schizophrenia…the basics.

    The purpose of this post is to address the basics of schizophrenia, and it is meant for all my readers medicos, non-medicos, psychiatrists and non- psychiatrists. Schizophrenia is a serious and long-term mental disorder affecting approximately one out a hundred individuals. (1%) It was first described by Emil Kraepelin about 130 years from now. The […]

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  • love…

    Well well well,somethings in life are very difficult to express and is one of those things. the meaning of love according to Viktor Frankl,is the only way in which one can grasp another being in the innermost core of his personality. nobody can become fully aware of the essence of someone else unless he loves […]

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  • letter to kuro

    dear kuro, we still can’t believe that it has been one year since you left us. I still shut the gate as tight as possible , when I enter your home. I still expect to see you jumping with joy when i enter your door. I still look around to see you sleeping somewhere indifferent […]

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  • ROOM NO.501 (contd.)

    10th of September 2017 ,marks the 15th time the world health organisation is endorsing the idea of SUICIDE prevention. suicide in Latin means “self murder”. It ranges from thinking that life is not worth living to actually completing the act. It is one of the very few Psychiatric emergencies we come across. like time,suicide has […]

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  • keep calm ,don’t panic!!!

    keep calm ,don’t panic!!!

    She called ,i was driving. She called back , i picked up. Before i could talk,she was crying. i knew she was on treatment , i asked her what was wrong, but she would not stop crying, now i started getting scared, what was she upto,was she alright? what was she thinking?, where must she […]

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  • ROOM NO.501

    I would stand there (in our balcony) for hours , time would just not move, for sometime i would look at the dark sky they were cloudy nights,many of them, I stood there for hours other times i would look at the hospital ,the surgical ward,not much movement at that hour.Still i would stare in […]

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