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  • Poisons we love

    How many of us are comfortable being by themselves? How many of us indulge into stuff ,just for the joy of it and not out of a need of completion, of filling up some void?To feel a little better,to feel a little less empty,to feel a little less unsatisfied?How many of us are comfortable by…

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  • pill shaming

    pill shaming

    My first fifty milligrams… 50 mgs of a drug, A drug that i have been prescribing without a second thought or hesitation to so many of my patients since almost 6 years now… 50 mgs of a ssri ,a drug which i remember my father taking when i was a baby and getting back to…

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  • Joy and Sorrow

    Joy and Sorrow

    Pass it on and do return  @vickykaushal09 se prerit@sirphira_ghumakkad ke dwara vilambit People turn to God, and spirituality, when they experience suffering,I did too,turned to Bhagwad Geeta Vishada means sadness or sorrow, and yoga means the state.(my interpretation)The first chapter of Geeta is about Arjuna’ sorrow,and doubt,he was taken upon by grief ,grief of…

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